About Pueblo Brisbane

Since opening in July 2019, Pueblo cafe has grown to become the vibrant and welcoming heart of Mansfield, Brisbane. Founders Martin and Claudia provide warm and efficient service with quality coffee from Allpress Espresso and delicious food, including pastries and signature dishes. Having a passion for creating a cosy cafe environment and connecting with customers, the staff at Pueblo know that the simple pleasures in life, like great coffee and a golden pastry, can make someone’s day. Pueblo uses Allpress Espresso coffee beans, which make for the perfect cup of coffee every time. 

Whether you’re running to work and need an almond flat white before that meeting, or have the morning to slow down and enjoy a tasty brunch, Pueblo is the place to be. 

Pueblo also offers Allpress Espresso coffee beans and other merchandise which can be purchased in-store.

Meet the Family

About Claudia

For Claudia, Pueblo is a place where she can combine her three passions: great coffee (she loves a strong almond latte), a good chat and creating crafty things. She loves connecting with everyone who comes into the cafe, and her favourite part of the day at Pueblo is hearing the baristas remember customer names and orders. Claudia believes cafes are an integral part of the community, and there’s no doubt Pueblo has made its mark in creating a warm and welcoming place for the community to enjoy. 

About Martin

Like Claudia, Martin’s passion for Pueblo being a welcoming place for the community is evident. Martin loves coffee not only for the taste, but also for the opportunity a cup of coffee can provide to slow down and reflect on the day, and observe the world. Apart from loving what he does at Pueblo, Martin also enjoys creating art on his iPad and listening to hip hop music. Taking the time to listen to his customers and sharing a joke with the regulars, you’ll always see Martin smiling and making great coffee.

About April

Simply put, April loves what she does. Her passion for making great coffee shows in the finer details of her craft, paired with the warm feeling of coffee that can make someone’s day. A soy mocha gives April the energy to get through anything the day brings, and she adds so much joy, love and energy to the cafe at every second of the day. 

About Sarah

Building a community at Pueblo that treats everyone like friends and family is important to Sarah. She loves to dance—everyday, everywhere and anytime—but especially when her favourite tune comes on. Sarah is passionate about coffee and resonates with the story of Allpress Espresso. When she’s not trying out different roasting techniques, she’s having a laugh with customers or trying new coffee flavours.